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Discover the Dominican Republic’s investment paradise, where picturesque beaches and a dynamic culture beckon year-round visitors. At Siria Mieses Real Estate, I’m your guide to lucrative Punta Cana real estate opportunities. With unrivaled expertise in Punta Cana and Bavaro, I unearth high-value properties, tailored to your investment goals.

I go beyond property discovery, offering insights into locations and taxes, empowering you to make informed decisions. Invest wisely with us, and seize the limitless potential of Punta Cana’s real estate market. Your journey to prosperity starts here.

I’m Siria Mieses


I’m Siria Mieses, boasts 20+ years of Dominican Republic real estate mastery. From my  roots at Remax Dominican Republic in 1997 to elevating luxury property acquisitions, including Angsana Samana Bay and Cap Cana, i’m now your guide to navigate the dynamic Dominican property landscape. Let’s explore together!

Let’s explore together

Explore an enticing array of properties,

featuring affordable options starting at just $120,000 and extending to luxurious estates priced up to $20,000,000.

Explore our diverse range of properties, accommodating various budgets, including beachfront and land lots. Plan a visit to the Dominican Republic to experience these gems firsthand. Viewing this properties in person will help you envision life in this paradise and allow me address your queries.


Million Visitors


Tourist Destination

in Latin America

Discover why Punta Cana reigns as the top tourist destination in Latin America, with a steadily rising rank. With an impressive annual influx of over 13.5 million visitors through Punta Cana Airport, the local economy thrives, offering boundless opportunities.



What does the full-service listing for property sales include?

Our full-service listing for property sales includes comprehensive assistance throughout the selling process. It covers property valuation, marketing, advertising, showing the property to potential buyers, negotiation, and ensuring a seamless transaction until the seller and the buyer are satisfied with the outcome.

How can I schedule a personal tour to explore properties in Punta Cana?

You can easily schedule a personal tour to explore properties in Punta Cana via WhatsApp or Facetime in this number (809)910-4680, or by clicking here and we’ll arrange a convenient time for you to visit the properties that interest you most.

What types of properties does Siria Mieses Real Estate sell?

We specialize in a wide range of properties, including existing homes, beachfront lots, and upcoming real estate projects. Whether you’re selling a residential property or a commercial one, we can assist you in achieving your real estate goals.

Does Siria Mieses Real Estate handle both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, i specialize in a wide range of real estate transactions, catering clients looking for homes or investment properties at Punta Cana.

What is the specialization of Siria Mieses Real Estate in the Dominican Republic?

Our specialization lies in the Punta Cana area of the Dominican Republic. With over 20 years of experience in this market, we have a deep understanding of the local real estate landscape and can offer expert guidance to our clients. We also specialize in residential properties and projects so you can find the best place to invest or live.

What are the advantages of investing in Punta Cana real estate at the current time?

Investing in Punta Cana real estate at the current time offers several advantages, including rapid area growth, diverse recreational activities, and high-yield opportunities. The Dominican Republic’s booming tourism industry and infrastructure development make it an attractive investment destination.

What does the COMFOTUR law mean? What are its benefits for investors?

The CONFUTUR law (Ley 158-01) in the Dominican Republic offers tax incentives and benefits to investors in the tourism sector. It aims to promote and develop tourism-related projects, making it more enticing for investors to participate in the country’s growing tourism industry.

Can you recommend any specific neighborhoods or areas within Punta Cana for investment?

Some recommended neighborhoods and areas for investment in Punta Cana include Cap Cana and Punta Cana Village. Each has its unique attractions and property opportunities, and I can provide more details based on your preferences and investment goals. Contact me so we can discuss which location is the best for you.

How does the process of property transfer and ownership work in Punta Cana?

Property transfer and ownership in Punta Cana involve legal steps, including title searches, drafting contracts, and registering the property with the appropriate authorities. We can guide you through this process to ensure a smooth transaction.

What is the role of Siria Mieses Real Estate in negotiating property prices?

Our role in negotiating property prices is to act as a mediator between buyers and sellers. We use our market knowledge and negotiation skills to help both parties reach a fair and mutually beneficial agreement.

Are there any restrictions on property ownership for non-citizens in the Dominican Republic?

Non-citizens can own property in the Dominican Republic without restrictions. The country welcomes foreign investment, and the legal framework supports property ownership by foreigners. We can assist you in navigating the legal aspects of property ownership as a non-citizen.

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